Bringing light to the stories and news that needs to be told on U of M’s campus. All majors and skill sets are welcome to be a part of bringing views to the news of our student body. Covers the news in the same way that your cable does.

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Wolverine Women

Female-run sports talk show. FREQUENTLY features athletes coming into the studio to play games and hosts interviews.

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Showcasing some of the most talented entertainers Michigan has to offer. EBuzz is a place for student musicians, artists, filmmakers, and more to show off the projects and pieces they're passionate about. This is a big revamp for the show so we want all the help we can get!

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Michigan Time

Creating informative and hilarious content is our goal. Between weekly news recaps and man on the street segments, we cover everything news related with a twist. This is the perfect place to gain news experience, try out your comedic chops, or hang out with cool people.

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Turned On

Turned On is UMich's #1 outlet for all things sex and relationships. It's a goofy crew, and has room for just about anything.

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A weekly recap of all Michigan sports. Featuring highlights, debates, interviews, and analysis. Be sure to catch the program on the WOLV TV YouTube Channel, with new episodes premiering each Friday




The Bachelor (Of Arts)

Bachelor of Arts is WOLV's newest program. It's taking classic reality television and adjusting it to the college scale. We just released the first episode on Facebook this weekend.


Breach of Peace

Sketch comedy show, whether it's through written sketches with actors, field pieces messing with the public, or silent films shot only in the North Quad basement restroom. Breach of the Peace is a chance for people to take the process of writing and making comedy seriously while also ruining the reputation of such an amazing student organization.


This show covers Michigan Basketball extensively, including every game and press conference. Episodes include basketball-centered games, interviews, analysis, and Stephen A. Smith worthy hot takes. Many members get to sit courtside at multiple games a year.

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Candid Conversations

A late night style talk show highlighting PoC on Michigan’s campus and based in investigative questioning related to the human condition.