Do I need any experience?

No, you just have to be an enrolled student. WOLV TV encourages participation from individuals regardless of prior experience, and in fact encourages it. WOLV is a great place to grow your TV resume if you had experience in high school, and if not we’re also a fantastic place to start!

What is the time commitment?

WOLV does not demand any time commitment from casual members. Much more is expected of producers and members of the WOLV TV Executive Board, but of course, those people chose to take on greater responsibilities.

If you are considering joining WOLV, but only have two hours per week, there is a place for you here. If you are considering joining and have 10 hours a week to give, WOLV encourages that as well!

How can I become a member of WOLV?

Just contact us! Email or anyone affiliated with the station. We always welcome new members and are more than willing to help get you on-board.